Partnership with Mount Haley

We are constantly searching for great companies and places to invest our time. Our strongest holdings come from our best relationships.

If you have a company that would be a fit for Mount Haley, we’d love to pull on the thread and see how we’re able to help.


current holdings

Partnership Types

From wholly-owned assets to minority stakes in founder-led companies, our structure is flexible.

But one area where we aren’t flexible — we want to work with truly unique companies led with integrity who have a deep desire to grow.

We take stewardship of our holdings — and the relationships within them — seriously.

Know of a good Mount Haley fit?

Maybe you know of a business that would be a good fit for Mount Haley.

Whether they feel they’ve hit a ceiling with sales, have a tired leadership team, or have built something that has longevity and needs to move forward — we love learning about businesses.

Our criteria for involvement are simple:

  • Must be based in North America.
  • Company must have a unique moat, a differentiator that makes them stand out in a cutthroat marketplace.
  • Company must have significant market upside and unrealized potential.
  • Company must have a desire to build a brand and build an audience.
  • Company must have individuals involved who care about building intentional relationships.
  • Company must have a simple ownership structure with single owners, or a small group of investors.

Technically, our firm is a non-traditional private equity firm that is creative in how we fund deals and form partnerships.

And once companies are part of our ecosystem and a holding, we hunker down and focus on building.

Connect with us.

We love making connections and building relationships. Serious inquiries only.
+1 (612) 802-5227
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Our team is currently at full bandwidth working on our existing portfolio.

However, we will review your submission and will follow-up if we have further questions regarding your submission.
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