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A private equity firm that exists to serve creators.

We consider ourselves to be a non-traditional PE firm that is deeply focused on growing and stewarding our current holdings —with a desire to find others.

We see opportunity everywhere.

We believe the future of work in America is changing. And creators will be a major part of this. We are already seeing this happen in significant ways. ​

We believe that e-learning is a massive market, one where with 10 years of experience and an extensive network, we have a competitive advantage.

We believe that creators are uniquely positioned to lead the B2C e-learning market in the next decade and beyond.

Additionally, we know the power of the creator's owned audience. It extends far beyond e-learning into media, commerce, and advertising.

We are uniquely positioned to make an impact for creators. For our investors. For ourselves. 

The game has barely started. It’s still batting practice.

This is just our beginning.

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School of Traditional Skills

An e-learning, subscription-based company helping people live a more self-sufficient life.
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Good People Digital

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Homestead Living

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Mount Haley Advisors

Our consulting work with founders, owners, and operators seeking growth.
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Who is Mount Haley?

We are entrepreneurs who love business and want to learn more about yours.

Darrell was born in a trailer house in rural Michigan.

The house was in Mount Haley Township, an area where the per capita income was at the poverty line. He and his brother Allen weren't born into privilege. They didn’t have access to the resources that others take for granted.​

At a young age, Darrell became obsessed with the idea that anyone could start and grow a business. Without access to any formal training, he started teaching himself how businesses grow. Through hard work, grit, and determination, he read everything he could and learned through trial and error.

The name Mount Haley is meaningful.

It represents that where you start doesn't determine where you finish.

And it allows us to always remember where we came from, and what it took us to get here. ​

Our experienced and empathetic team understands the world of business — from the highs and the lows to the dreaming and the doubts. 

No path should be traveled alone and we’re passionate about trailblazing alongside great and talented people.

"Darrell Vesterfelt is exceptionally competent at all things related to growing an audience, producing a compelling digital product, and effectively marketing your product to your audience. After vetting several personal consultants, I chose Darrell, and I couldn’t be happier. His wisdom was indispensable throughout the launch of my Experiential Hospitality Masterclass launch. Big reason we hit more of $300k in 8 days. HIGHLY recommend."

Isaac French

Founder, Experiential Hospitality

"What a relief it has been to work with Darrell and the Mount Haley team! We started with them while we were in the middle of a company-wide crisis. The way that they were able to come in and not only calm the storm, but help us move the whole company into smooth sailing waters was nothing short of miraculous. And if that was our only experience, it would have been more than enough. However, our continued relationship has afforded us with mentorship that has brought us victory after victory in general business growth. Darrell and the Mount Haley team will be a resource we will not let go of and we highly recommend to any serious business owner."
MeLisa Dill, The Virtual Savvy

MeLisa Dill

Chief Operations Officer, The Virtual Savvy

Our Consulting Work

Are you feeling stuck?

We understand, because we’ve been there and we’ve lived it.

And you’ve probably seen people all across the internet who can promise to get you unstuck. You won’t find that here.

With our consulting work, we get in the weeds and ask questions. There are no shortcuts.  We ask the questions — stupid or smart — and pull the thread, not afraid of what we’ll find.

Because the solution to your problem likely exists within.

If you’re looking for help, we would welcome the chance to meet and learn about you and your work.


Years in business

Our Locations

Our headquarters are in Stillwater, MN with a satellite office in Sioux Falls, SD.
Mount Haley location map
Stillwater, Minnesota
333 Main Street, Suite 205
Stillwater, MN
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
315 N Main Avenue, Suite 305
Sioux Falls, SD