As a founder, business owner, or creative entrepreneur, do you feel stuck?

You know that you’re capable of more. You can see the opportunities and you’re driven, but you could use some additional guidance with a team in your corner.

We understand the feeling and can help.

The Benefit We Bring

When we work with clients, they typically need help scaling from six figures to seven.

How can we help them?

Honestly, we don’t know until we ask questions.

Lots of questions — follow-up questions, stupid questions.

We ask until we have that moment where suddenly we know exactly what needs to be done. This moment is called "the drop".

You can actually feel it when it happens. The whole energy of the room shifts, and we all know what to do next.

The result? We’re able to produce and deliver a strategic plan directly aligned with my client’s goals.

It starts with a question and ends with a solution. But if you aren't willing to look stupid, you might not be willing to get the right solution.So if you’re looking to grow your brand and revenue, I have a question for you.How can we help?Our areas of expertise:

  • Business advisory and leadership coaching.
  • Marketing & growth initiatives.
  • Organizational culture and structure.

Let’s talk about your needs together.

"Darrell Vesterfelt is exceptionally competent at all things related to growing an audience, producing a compelling digital product, and effectively marketing your product to your audience. After vetting several personal consultants, I chose Darrell, and I couldn’t be happier. His wisdom was indispensable throughout the launch of my Experiential Hospitality Masterclass launch. Big reason we hit more of $300k in 8 days. HIGHLY recommend."

Isaac French

Founder, Experiential Hospitality

"What a relief it has been to work with Darrell and the Mount Haley team! We started with them while we were in the middle of a company-wide crisis. The way that they were able to come in and not only calm the storm, but help us move the whole company into smooth sailing waters was nothing short of miraculous. And if that was our only experience, it would have been more than enough. However, our continued relationship has afforded us with mentorship that has brought us victory after victory in general business growth. Darrell and the Mount Haley team will be a resource we will not let go of and we highly recommend to any serious business owner."
MeLisa Dill, The Virtual Savvy

MeLisa Dill

Chief Operations Officer, The Virtual Savvy

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